Perfectly balanced yet explosive tangerine twisted with subtle and exotic creams.  A touch of sweetness rounds this flavor out in a way that separates it from the crowd; One must truly experience it to appreciate its intricate blends.

​​Mojito re-mastered; hints of the classic cocktail garnished with notes of ripe raspberries, sweet oranges, and a hint of lemon zest.

Indulgent freshly baked strawberry short cake shrouded in fresh whipped cream with bright top notes of custard finished with sweet cream and drizzled with a touch of fresh strawberry.

Sweet strawberries merge into a crisp green apple. hints of apricot, watermelon and eastern spices finish off this flavor.

Sugary, and intense; a zesty lemony inhale, softened by a creamy perpetually changing and complex exhale, leads to a flavor reminiscent of freshly baked Lemon pie.

A touch of caramel united with hints of pie crust, tangerine, and freshly baked vanilla cake yield an expertly blended and delicately mastered dessert flavor.

A Lively blend of strawberries and raspberries give way to a tart lemony finish.

A perfect parfait, fresh raspberries give way to a smooth vanilla yogurt encased in a cinnamon crumble finish. Hints of granola appear throughout the inhale resolving in an inventive flavor profile.

A succulent mix of fresh berries. Pronounced strawberry interlaces with a bright, and revitalizing raspberry, quickly transforming into a rush of fresh lemon.

A strong and juicy watermelon on the inhale gives way to a sugary and luscious bubble gum, finishing in a perfect balance of harmoniously layered perfection.

Full-bodied buttery blend of baked crust, almonds, delicate caramel, Tahitian vanilla, fresh cream, and a touch of peanut butter, beautifully rounded out with two types of exotic custards.

Gooey sugar cookie overtones give way to subtle hints of cinnamon sugar, delicately blended with a hint of fresh lemon.

AVAILABLE IN 0mg, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18mg and 24mg.