I LOVE Cookies – Layered Cookies dipped in Ice Cold Milk with a Hint of Creamy Strawberry and Drizzle of Caramel!

60% VG/40% PG           30ml Bottles              3mg, 6mg, 12mg Nicotine

BFB: Straight Outta The Toaster – A creamy toasted strudel filled with strawberry jam. Topped off with a frosted icing as well as fresh strawberry slices

BFB: Morning Fire – Freshly baked raisin bread

80% VG/ 20% VG           240ml Bottles       

3mg & 6mg Nicotine

Juicee Melonz – Who Doesn't Love A Solid Flavorful Watermelon Flavor? Everybody's favorite hard candy flavor - watermelon!

70% VG/30% PG       120ml Bottles                   3mg & 6mg Nicotine

Strawberry Strike – Rich candied strawberry bubblegum taste made possible through TFN

120ml Bottles                  3mg & 6mg Nicotine